C4C homeopathic hospital has been awarded as the leading Homeopathic Hospital in Ghana by Pillers of Modern Ghana. 

The award came following the launch of a Secure Your Health Card International 2 years ago by the hospital which is made available to the public to make homeopathic treatment affordable and easily accessible. 

C4C homeopathic hospital is the only private Homeopathy hospital in Ghana that is operating an international private homeopathic national health care policy with exceptional service from trained employed Medical Homeopaths and Homeopathic HealthCare Givers.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging the public to adopt the homeopathic system of treatment for all kinds of ailments at low cost. 

Those registered with the scheme are benefiting from services such as alternative laboratory, scanning, physiotherapy, consultation and Hospital Card which last for one year, after which the subscription could be renewed. 

Additionally, members subscribe to monthly fee of 150gh on the 28th of every month which gives them access to free medications and all forms of treatment on monthly bases. 

Already more than 5000 people have been enrolled unto the scheme in all the 11(eleven) branches of the hospital in different parts of the country since it started in January, 2015.

The leading private health facility is specialized in using various alternative homeopathic remedies to cure different sicknesses without any health implications. 

C4C got rooted in Cape coast formally Gold Coast the first Capital of Ghana an spread it tentacles to all the other regions in Ghana and now C4C International established as a Health Care Facility in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands (Holland).

In a citation presented to the hospital, C4C homeopathic hospital received by the Medical Director and the Group President of the company Dr. Michael Kyeremateng to appreciate his hard work for efficiently using his facility to assisting Ghanaians to access affordable health care.

‘We celebrate and acknowledge your excellence in providing alternative health care across the globe with your outstanding homeopathic health care policies and products which have placed you ahead of your competitors’.

Dr. Michael Kyeremateng Medical Director and the Group President of the C4C Group of Companies speaking at the event ceremony expressed his profound gratitude to the organizers for acknowledging his effort in bring affordable and officiate health care to the door steps of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Furthermore, he encourages Ghanaian to continuously patronize his health care policy scheme to enable them access a desirable alternative health care.

Source: Ghana Web

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